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I was hoping to share a new recipe post with you all before writing another Tidbits post, but that obviously didn't happen. Between work, creating Valentine's Day cards for the kids' classmates, planning Caroline's birthday party, and making updates to the blog on the backend, I haven't had any spare time to devote to new content.

Until now.

I have a bunch of links to share with you, so without further ado, here's the next batch of tidbits for you!

  1. I had a great Stitch Fix experience this month and, for the first time, decided to keep all five pieces recommended by my stylist. I also activated my Style Pass to get unlimited fixes for the next 12 months without needing to worry about the stylist fees. I can't wait to see what shows up in March!

  2. I couldn't agree more. This definitely doesn't count as "me time".

  3. Thanks to this, I'm one step closer to NOT having to reheat my coffee twelve times.

  4. Jonathan loves playing with this toy so much and he's gotten really good at matching the colors.

  5. It's too bad I don't look that great in V-neck sweaters. Because, if I did, then I'd totally snap up this one. Maybe I should just get this one instead?

  6. I'm making a little progress with my goal of reducing household waste and am now using these when doing our laundry. Big fan!

  7. Do you ever wonder who comes up with stuff like this?

  8. I love this website for inspiration for new books and games for the kids, especially Caroline.

  9. This seems like a waste of perfectly good potatoes.

  10. This video had me laughing a LOT.


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