40 Before 40

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There was a time when I put a lot of effort into the months and weeks before my birthday. Usually, because I wasn't just counting down to the day I'd turn one year older... But because I was also counting down to my annual trip to Boston to celebrate my birthday in my favorite city.

Unfortunately, those springtime trips to Boston ended after our sweet girl was born. And my birthdays turned into low-key affairs.

Today I turn 39 and I've already begun mentally preparing myself to welcome 40 in a year. I'm finally feeling settled in my career. We've started making our house feel like a home... So I've decided I can focus on myself a little bit more and concentrate on my personal well-being and growth. Because I still have so much more I want to do and I don't want the only thing I achieve in the next year to be turning 40.

Keeping that in mind, I've come up with my 40 Before 40 list -- 40 things I want to do before my next birthday. Using this list as my inspiration, I kept the items on my list to things I thought I had a reasonable chance of doing.

My 40 Before 40 list isn't limited to completely new experiences. I wanted to use the list as a way of challenging myself to get out and explore the world around me a little bit more. This list is a reminder that, yes, I have a career that I'm pushing hard to maintain... I have a family that I'm committed to supporting and two kids I'm dedicated to raising the best way I know how... But I'm also an individual who has interests and needs that need attention.

So... Happy 39th Birthday to me... I'm looking forward to the road to 40!

40 Things to Do Before Turning 40

1. Pay off one student loan
North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii | Photo  by Sean O. via Unsplash

2. Go to the beach

3. Visit with a girlfriend I haven't seen in a long time

4. Volunteer locally

String quartet | Photo by Larisa Birta via Unsplash

5. Attend an orchestra concert

6. Freshen up hairstyle

7. Try something new

Photo by Meric Dagli

8. Plan another mother-daughter trip with C

9. Plan a special mother-son outing with J

Fenway Park | Photo by Robert F. via Unsplash

10. Attend a Red Sox game at Fenway Park

11. See a favorite artist/band in concert

Red Curtain | Photo by Rob Laughter via Unsplash

12. Attend a theatre performance

13. Plan a staycation at a local B&B

14. Buy a nice pair of shoes without worrying about the price

15. Schedule another family session with a photographer

16. Get a manicure or pedicure

Chocolate mint | Photo by Bonnie Kittle via Unsplash

17. Start growing herbs at home

18. Visit the zoo

19. Buy a lottery ticket

20. Perform one random act of kindness every day for one week

Person Mopping via Pexels.com

21. Hire a cleaning service to do a deep clean of the house

Dough and Hands | Photo by Nadya Spetnitskaya via Unsplash

22. Learn how to bake bread

23. Go to the movies

Photo by Handy Wicaksono via Unsplash

24. Visit an art museum

Vineyard landscape in early summer | Photo by Ales Me via Unsplash

25. Visit a local vineyard/winery

26. Go to a planetarium

27. Buy a piece of art I love

Hiking Trail | Photo by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

28. Go on a hike

29. Plan an outing with my sister

Book, vase, plant and coffee | Photo via Unsplash

30. Spend an afternoon reading

31. Take a cooking class

32. Buy something at the flea market/antique store

Fitness Gym | Photo by Humphrey Muleba via Unsplash

33. Sign up for a fitness class

34. Finalize will

35. Hire a financial planner

Healing Hands | Photo by Christin Hume via Unsplash

36. Get a massage

37. Do something good for someone who doesn't know who I am

38. Explore a new city

39. Make something creative with my hands

40. Visit a new area of Connecticut

Do you have a similar leap list? What items do you have on your list?


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