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The first part of this week was tough. Stephen was on the road for work and the kids were especially trying. There were epic tantrums. There were tears. And there were moments when I didn't think I'd pull myself out of that place of frustration.

It got to the point where we'd all have a conversation at bedtime when I'd say, "Let's try better tomorrow."

The next day would be promising, but then we managed to find another way to derail the train. By Wednesday, my energy and patience hit a low, and I was so thankful when Stephen walked in the door that night.

I've been attempting to turn it around ever since. Every night after dinner, I carved out one-on-one time with each kid. Nothing too long since we still had to stick to the bedtime routine... but I felt better after spending quality time with each of them. Their moods changed, too, and they weren't squabbling as much. (Probably because they weren't having to fight as hard for my attention.)

The little things really do make a difference.

Tomorrow, I'm going to spend some time out of the house by myself. Thanks to the leap year, I can stick to my goals and squeeze in my "mom only" outing for the month. While I make my plan for the morning, here's the latest batch of Tidbits for you to read at your leisure this weekend.


  1. Both of my children were born weeks before their due dates. And both birth experiences (hers and his) were different than the ones I had in mind. But, wow, even after all these years, this hits home.

  2. And while we're talking about it, this is also true.

  3. It's been nearly two months since I took my cooking class and I finally bought some items from my baking wishlist, including this and scrapers similar to these.

  4. These are some really great kitchen tips.

  5. Fans of Ree Drummond (a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman), did you know about this? The things I find while searching on Amazon at 2 AM...

  6. I love this mirror but have nowhere to hang it in our house. Then again.... maybe I could hang it in the hallway upstairs.

  7. OMG... I'm dying. This video is hilarious!

  8. Patiently waiting to see if this jacket ever goes on sale.

  9. While I agree with my Myers-Briggs personality type, I don't agree with this. I parent differently because of my personality type.

  10. I'm making progress with my reading goal for the year and just finished Book 3 of 20.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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