Asparagus Parmesan Israeli Couscous

Asparagus Parmesan Israeli Couscous | Recipe on Taste As You Go

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I'm going to let you in on a little secret. When I first became a mom, I worried that our daughter would be a picky eater. As she got older, she proved how adventurous of an eater she was. She was always willing to try a bite of whatever we were eating... which usually led to her eating half of the food on my plate. 🙄

When her brother came along and we started introducing solid foods into his diet, the same worry crept up. He fought us on the green vegetables, especially peas... but now peas are one of his favorite foods. 

I'm so grateful that the kids are usually ready to eat whatever I put in front of them. If it's a big hit, then our son will ask me to "make this dinner again, mama" before he's taken a second bite. Surprisingly, included on his list of make-again foods is asparagus... especially if I've roasted or grilled it with a little olive oil and lemon juice.

Now, any time asparagus is on the menu, no matter the form, it takes very little convincing to get the kids to eat it. It's been about a month since I've shared a recipe post... so I thought it would be fun to share my recipe for Asparagus Parmesan Israeli Couscous. In the spirit of helping kids fall in love with their vegetables!

Asparagus Parmesan Israeli Couscous | Recipe on Taste As You Go

I based my recipe on one I discovered in an issue of Cooking Light years ago. The original recipe called for whole wheat couscous... but I much prefer using Israeli (or pearl) couscous because of its texture. It makes this dish feel a little heartier. You could, of course, use regular couscous. Just be mindful of the cooking time!

The next time you're looking for something to serve alongside your grilled chicken, steak, or fish, I hope you give this recipe a try.


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