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It's been a big week for our family. 

Yesterday, we visited our daughter's new school to see her kindergarten classroom. We had time with her teacher to ask questions about the upcoming term... and then we had a quick little photo session to commemorate the day.

Like many families... we never imagined our child would be starting kindergarten during a pandemic. We're excited for her to begin this next chapter. But, to be honest, we're silently mourning the things we won't get to experience with her.

Like dropping her off at school together and walking her to her classroom. Like popping in to visit and sitting in front of the class to read a book to them. Like assemblies and holiday concerts. So many firsts that we'll have to observe from afar.

This reality is especially hard for Stephen. I'm fortunate enough to work at her school, so I'll be driving her to and from school every day. And there will always be a chance to see her on the playground while I'm walking around campus. But the school's drop-off procedure has the kids hopping out and the parent(s) staying in the car.

So these photos might be the only ones we get of the three of us on campus all term. Precious, precious moments.

Before I get too emotional -- too late -- why don't I share my new batch of Tidbits for you to read at your leisure? 


  1. I've established a new system for our face masks. I have baskets on the bench next to the door leading to the garage. One basket is for the adult masks and all of the filters. The other basket is for the kid masks. All of our masks are from this Etsy shop.

  2. I also bought lanyards with breakaway clasps from this Etsy shop for our daughter and me. This way, we never have to worry about leaving a mask somewhere or mixing it up with someone else's.

  3. To make it easier to wash all of our masks together, I bought a set of these laundry bags. Now the masks won't get tangled with other items in the washing machine.

  4. I've been so busy with work and getting our daughter ready for kindergarten that I haven't been watching that much TV. But my MIL let me know about this documentary short film "that gives an intimate look at the culinary world through the eyes of three women" that I found to be very interesting. Check it out on Hulu if you can.

  5. The kids, however, have been watching a little more TV than usual. But I'm okay with it because they're watching this new series that makes STEAM fun and this new series that celebrates Black voices.

  6. I saw this wall hanging in an Instagram ad, and I have to admit... I'm a little obsessed. Too bad we don't have anywhere to hang it.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

PS. If you've been following on Facebook, then you know I made some accidental updates to the blog earlier this week. Mainly, an unexpected theme/layout redesign. I'm slowly putting things back together, but I think most of the main pages and sections are visible again. I'm still tweaking the design, so please bear with me. 🙏

PPS. On the plus side, the design is finally responsive!


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