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Today is a very unusual day. Stephen and I did something that we haven't done in years. 

We dropped the kids off at school and both took the day off from work.

Life has been moving at a frenetic pace since March. The pandemic introduced a lot of uncertainty and anxiety into our world... both in our family life and our respective work situations. We became hyperaware of how our months of isolation changed us as people and as parents. And we saw how it changed our kids.

The start of the school year introduced a whole new set of concerns as our so-called bubble grew. Balancing everything started to get harder. Our energy and patience levels were dropping and our frustration levels were rising. We admitted to one another that we had reached a breaking point.

So I put my foot down. I requested a day off from work and I convinced Stephen to take a day, too. We haven't been at our best for a while and it was time for us to do something about it... And, can I tell you something?

This was exactly what we needed. 

Obviously, one day doesn't erase months of stress. But it's a start. 

While we enjoy the last hour of quiet before we have to get the kids, here's a new batch of Tidbits for you to read at your leisure.


  1. The kids are in love with this show on Netflix. And, because they're short, I'm okay with them watching four or five episodes in a row. It's so fun hearing our 3yo giggle as they learn about the alphabet and phonics.

  2. This is such a cute DIY idea. I might just have to make this my Thanksgiving Recess project!

  3. Are you thinking of shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle? Read this article to get started.

  4. Speaking of sustainable living, we've switched over to this bamboo toilet paper.

  5. And my MIL let me know about this company that offers solutions for sustainable living. I'm going to enjoy scrolling through their online store for new ideas.

  6. I've reached the next stage of my wardrobe overhaul project and turned my attention to my sock drawer. I ordered a bunch of socks from this company, and I love that they donate a pair of socks for every pair purchased. Use this link to shop and receive 25% off your purchase. 

    Full disclosure: if you do that, then I receive $20 to spend on my next purchase.

  7. One of our of 5yo's favorite things to do at school is to borrow books from her school's library... and this book has become a new favorite. After we read it, we watched a performance of the piece mentioned in the book and I loved seeing her try to conduct music.


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