What's for Dinner: October 18 - October 24

Autumn Leaves Floating in a Park | Photo by Aaron Burden via Unsplash

If you caught my last blog post, then you read about how I was hoping to spend time in the kitchen this weekend. I didn't spend nearly as much time in there as I would've liked... but I did manage to make the family pancakes for breakfast this morning.

So there's that.

But the weekend was not wasted. I got a jump on the laundry and made some unplanned but necessary blog updates. And, we took a long family hike at a local wildlife preserve to soak in this gorgeous day. 

To make reentry into the work week a little easier, I'm relying on the contents of our freezer for dinner tonight. If it's already there, why make more work for myself, right?

If you're curious to see what I've planned for dinner at our house this week, then keep reading!

A Week of Dinners: October 18 - October 24

What do you have planned for dinner at your house this week?

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