What's for Dinner: January 10 - January 16

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It's Day 10 of the new year, and I'm already feeling overwhelmed. Our 5yo has been acting out a lot lately, and I'm having a hard time figuring out why. Every time I think I've pinpointed the root cause, she veers in another direction.

Of course, every time she models questionable behavior, her little brother soaks it in... and then there he is. Misbehaving right alongside her.

It's frustrating and leaves me drained 😔 and with very little patience. She's most likely bored with the idea of Winter Break... so I'm hoping she snaps out of this phase once she goes back to school. Because it's awful not knowing what to do to help her through her emotions. Major mom guilt.

In addition to that... There are way too many people in my world who are still holding onto their negativity from the year before. This makes it hard to focus on the positive. So...

I realized one of the best things I could do for myself (and for my mood) today was to slow down... to do something that made me happy and that helped refill my cup. Because there's no way I'm going to make progress in any area of my life if I'm already feeling depleted. Now that I've had time to finish the book I started last month, I feel better about the other things I have to do.

Like making dinner. 😉

While I head into the kitchen to get things started, why don't you check out our menu plan for the week? And let me know how you recenter yourself when things get to be too much. I'd love how to hear about what you do for self-care! 💖

A Week of Dinners: January 10 - January 16

What do you have planned for dinner at your house this week?

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