What's for Dinner: June 6 - June 12

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The last week has been a busy one. Our daughter had her last day of kindergarten, wrapping up her first year of school... and a year of school during a pandemic.

Yesterday, we held an in-person ceremony for our seniors... and as the campus quiets down, my office will ramp up (again) to make sure we hit our fundraising goals. 

Our team will have plenty to do to close out the year... but I am doing something I've never done in my entire professional career. I am using all my allotted personal time before the end of the fiscal year... which means, I have scheduled a bunch of time off this month.

Seems counterintuitive... Taking time off when I know things are going to be busy. But, the truth is, there is always something to focus on when you work in advancement. Between fundraising and events and engagement and stewardship... There is always something.

Giving myself a break is a big deal. I know I talk about needing to go easier on myself at home... especially when it comes to motherhood. But then I realized something. Allowing that kind of grace at home does little good if I'm still operating at breakneck speed at work.

I have one more work function this weekend—a faculty/staff party on campus tonight. But after that, I'll start my month of short weeks at the office. I planned my time off to give me most Monday and Fridays off, leaving me with shorter work weeks and nice, long weekends. Hopefully, that'll set me up for success once the new year starts on July 1.

Since I'm out for dinner tonight, my husband is in charge of feeding the kids. If you're curious to see what's on deck for dinner the rest of this week, then keep reading!

A Week of Dinners: June 6 - June 12

What do you have planned for dinner at your house this week?

Need Help Menu Planning? 

PS. With the time off this month, I'm hoping to share some new content on the blog. Stay tuned and see if I follow through with our Summer Bucket List and/or my recipe for Honey Corn Muffins! 😉


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