A Letter to Myself on My 13th Blog Anniversary

13th Blogging Anniversary | Taste As You Go

At the start of every summer, I begin thinking about how I want to mark my blog anniversary in August.

Do I want to host a huge giveaway? What about a full week of giveaways? Or do I want to go more low-key with a post highlighting Taste As You Go's most popular recipes?

I spend weeks psyching myself up and creating a game plan. Then, without fail, my grand plans blow up the week leading up to the anniversary.

It's not a lack of commitment or lack of motivation that derails my plans. 

It's life. (For example, this isn't the only anniversary I'm celebrating this week. 🥰)

August has turned into a super busy month for me. Between the ramp-up at work... preparing the kids for a new school year... and squeezing in more family time before we're off to the races... I don't have the time (or energy) to write a proper post.

Rather than feel discouraged and frustrated, I'm taking a different approach this year. I'm allowing myself some grace. This time around, I wrote a letter to myself to celebrate my blogging milestone.

Dear Michelle,

Taste As You Go turns thirteen today! Your blog baby is a teenager now!

You had big plans for this year, including creating new content and updating old content. I know you've been putting pressure on yourself to do more, more, more. And I know you haven't been able to do as much as you've wanted.

But I don't want you to feel frustrated that things haven't gone according to plan. 

Yes, the number of new posts has been minimal.  But you have done A LOT of backend work to improve site usability and user experience... and that's nothing to scoff at! Especially when you consider how long some of the tasks you're working on have been on your punch list.

Still feeling down that you're not doing more? 

Let's review the things you've done this year:
  • You've updated the blog design so it's more minimalistic... like you've always wanted. This new design looks much better on mobile devices and the blog's mobile traffic is the highest it's ever been.
  • You're fixing broken links and redirecting older content to newer content.
  • You're adding recipe cards to all your recipe posts. The recipe posts have star ratings now, which will help your content show up in search results.
  • You're resizing photos and making notes about which posts need updated photos.
  • You're creating graphics that make you happy.
  • You're working with brands that make sense for this chapter of your life.
  • You're networking with fellow bloggers more and you finally feel part of a community again.
  • You've put a lot of effort into growing your social media presence... again, making you feel like part of a community.

Don't sell yourself short. 

Don't discount the time you're putting into the behind-the-scenes stuff. There's still more work to be done on that front so stay focused on the long game and keep plugging along! The brand new content will come in due time. 

And when you're satisfied with infrastructure of the blog, I bet the content will flow and flow, reflecting what's important to you at the time regardless of whether it's related to food or not.


Here are some final reminders:
  • It's okay that your blog doesn't look like everyone else's. It's great that it has its own unique look.
  • It's okay that your blog posts don't have the same format as everyone else's. It's more important that you stay true to YOUR voice rather than make your blog sound like everyone else's. 
  • It's okay that you're not super focused on analytics and ranking right now. You have other priorities. Focus on those and take it one step This blog is still a hobby... If you decide to make it more than that down the road, then you're totally capable of shifting gears to stay competitive. 

Above everything else, remember that this blog is a source of happiness. Keep at it for as long as it continues to make you happy. It's perfectly okay to take breaks when you need them... and stop apologizing when you do so.

Congratulations on this exciting milestone! I'm proud of you!



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