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As a participant in Ana Luisa's VIP Program, I received jewelry from Ana Luisa at no cost to me. I did not accept monetary compensation for this post. This post also contains affiliate product links. Clicking on the links may result in my being paid a commission. Regardless of commission, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

All my life, I've wondered what it'd be like to be part of the stylish crowd. I wanted to learn how to put together an outfit without effort. Then, once I figured that out, I wanted to learn how to add accessories without breaking the bank.

When I was in my early thirties, I started to feel comfortable in the style department. I rooted myself in the classic style and filled my wardrobe with simple pieces in neutral colors. But no matter what my Pinterest boards tell you... I never felt comfortable enough to elevate my style with accessories.

Things have not improved as I crossed over to my late thirties. I actually think things have gotten worse since having kids. I skipped stylish maternity wear during my first pregnancy. (My stint as a freelance writer meant limited in-person contact with the outside world.) I vowed to change course the second time around but then wound up in the hospital on bed rest. No need to think about maternity clothes or accessorizing when your pajamas will do. (Because your own clothes > hospital gowns.)

Fast forward a bit to life with two young kids. Carving out time to shop for me hasn't been a priority. Especially since clothes don't fit the way they used to. My body is still unfamiliar to me and buying clothes in my previous sizes doesn't quite work. After some hesitation on my part, I decided to take a different approach when elevating my style.

If I can entrust someone else to grocery shop for me, then why not let someone else clothing shop for me? I kept an open mind and invested in a subscription clothing service. The subscription service would let me expand my wardrobe with pieces I'd likely pass over in stores... then I could rely on my favorite brands for the basics.

Taking that chance paid off and I have a new sweater (similar) and a new scarf (similar) that I'm in love with... But what about other accessories? What about jewelry? Would I ever find anything to replace my favorite statement necklace? (Caroline broke it when she was in her grabby baby phase...)

Enter Ana Luisa.

This Brooklyn-based company offers exceptional jewelry online at affordable prices. They "cut through the elitism and exclusivity" by selling high-end jewelry without the high-end mark-up.

Ana Luisa is exactly what I'm looking for. Since there isn't much room in my budget for jewelry, I'm looking for polished pieces that don't cost an arm and a leg. I want versatile pieces that I can wear with a handful of outfits, on several different occasions. Thanks to my newly established partnership with Ana Luisa... I'll receive complimentary jewelry each month in exchange for honest feedback. Feedback about design and color choices... Feedback about my experience with their online store... feedback about the unboxing experience.

To get started, I answered a simple survey so the company could learn a little bit about me and my preferences in terms of jewelry. They took my answers and asked me to choose from a select number of items. A few weeks later, here's what arrived...

Ana Luisa Jewelry Box | Taste As You Go

When I opened the outer box, I instantly fell in love with the outer packaging, especially the mix of playfulness and sophistication.

Ana Luisa Jewelry Box | Taste As You Go

Ana Luisa Jewelry Box | Taste As You Go

Laying on top of the jewelry pouch was a handwritten note from the company. I appreciated this level of detail and I hadn't even looked to see what was inside the pouch yet. Small touches like this make a big difference in my mind.

Ana Luisa Jewelry Box | Taste As You Go

Underneath the note was a medium-sized navy pouch made out of soft velvet. The perfect thing to protect my jewelry when traveling. (Or moving... again... More on that in another post soon.)

But what was inside?

Ana Luisa Jewelry - Limited Edition Flower Stud Earrings - Iris Blue | Taste As You Go

A pair of Flower Stud Earrings in Iris Blue. These earrings showcased a touch of whimsy and elegance that really helped add a pop of color to an all-black outfit I recently wore to a work event in New York. These earrings are also available in Iris Pink.

Ana Luisa Jewelry - Limited Edition Mona Hoop Earrings | Taste As You Go

Ana Luisa Jewelry - Limited Edition Mona Hoop Earrings | Taste As You Go

A pair of Mona Hoop Earrings dipped in 14K gold. I typically stick to stud earrings (like these or these on a special occasion), so I thought selecting hoop earrings would help nudge me out of my comfort zone. The ripple texture gives the earrings more interest and a versatility that makes them appropriate for day or night. And because I'm not used to wearing earrings that hang a bit, I thought the size of these earrings was perfect for me.

Ana Luisa Jewelry - Limited Edition Tessa Friendship Bracelet - Navy Blue | Taste As You Go

Ana Luisa Jewelry - Limited Edition Tessa Friendship Bracelet - Navy Blue | Taste As You Go

A Tessa Friendship Bracelet in Navy Blue. When I saw this bracelet on Ana Luisa's website, I couldn't help but think about all the friendship bracelets I made when I was a preteen. This version makes me feel nostalgic!

I love experimenting and finding ways to wear these three pieces with my everyday looks. I'm already making a wish list of items to buy when I decide to treat myself to an extra something sparkly.

Are you ready to add some new pieces to your jewelry collection? You're in luck!

Ana Luisa is running a Cyber Monday sale! Use code CM20 to get 20% off all orders or code VIP30 to get 30% off orders over $150. With free shipping worldwide (all the time), how can you go wrong?

ETA 12/12/2018: Ana Luisa has ceased their VIP Program and my partnership with them has thereby ended.


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