Cream-Style Corn Chowder

Cream-Style Corn Chowder | Recipe on Taste As You Go

This recipe for Cream-Style Corn Chowder first appeared on Taste As You Go in 2012. An updated version appears here with slight modifications and updated photos.

Looking back at my early blogging days, I realize now I could've been better prepared. My digital camera wasn't the best quality... and I didn't put too much thought into proper lighting or creative staging.

When it came to taking photos, my philosophy was "you see what I see before I take the first bite." Since my readership was growing, I didn't see anything wrong with my approach.

But, oh... I look at those first posts full of stock photos and/or out-of-focus ones and I want to hide. How embarrassing!

You may know that I've been working on updating photos for those older posts. This time, I've set my sights on my recipe for Cream-Style Corn Chowder.

Cream-Style Corn Chowder | Recipe on Taste As You Go

I live in New England, so I know how rich chowder can be. (It's worth every calorie, in my opinion... But we can talk about that later.) What I love about my recipe for Cream-Style Corn Chowder is that it calls for milk rather than heavy cream. 

And 1% milk at that!

Cream-Style Corn Chowder | Recipe on Taste As You Go

If you want to add a bit of decadence, you can top with some shredded cheese or crumbled bacon before serving. I've done it before (and loved it), so you won't catch me trying to stop you.

I recommend you stick with the canned cream-style corn. It's slightly sweet and helps create a flavorful base. More so, I think, than canned whole kernel corn. Also, this chowder with Saltines or oyster crackers. They add a lovely contrast in texture!

If you try this recipe, let me know what you think!


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