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After a stressful week of watching election coverage, I'm ready for the weekend. As I'm writing this, there is still no clear winner. Election officials are still counting and processing the remaining mail-in ballots. There's talk of lawsuits and the refusal to concede. 

So the world continues to wait.

But with the weekend right around the corner, I can wait in the comfort of my pajamas... with the leftover Halloween candy nearby.

If you find yourself needing a distraction from the news, here's a new batch of Tidbits for you to read.


PS. Be sure to check out the blog next week... as I'm going to start sharing posts and recipes that will come in handy as you plan for Thanksgiving!

  1. This DIY costume idea is adorable, and I have nearly a full year to convince the kids to let me dress them up that way.

  2. Have you ever written a letter to your future self? What about an email?

  3. Our 5yo loves borrowing books from her school library. A recent favorite was this one about Vincent Van Gogh. After we finished reading the book together, we watched this video to learn a little bit more about the artist.

  4. Speaking of books, I recently finished this one. About 10,000 years after everyone else did. I was also a big fan.

  5. I'm pretty excited about my new boots... especially since I got them on sale.

    If you like those boots, use this link to shop and receive $20 off your first purchase of $75 or more. Full disclosure: if you use that referral link, then I receive $20 in-store credit.

  6. I also bought myself two pairs of these pants. Hooray for taking care of the things I need!


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