A Letter to Our Daughter on Her 6th Birthday

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It's here. 

Our sweet girl's sixth birthday.

But when I think about everything our family has endured over the past year, it's hard to believe she's only six. She turned five at the very beginning of the pandemic last year. Because we were worried about the situation, we actually canceled her birthday party only days before we were supposed to welcome family and friends into our home.

Of course, the country is still battling the pandemic... so it'll be a party for four (plus the dog) again this year. 

If she's disappointed that we can't have a big party, she's not showing it. In fact, she's handled the uncertainties of the last year with incredible grace... a grace that's far beyond her years.

To mark the occasion of her turning five, I started a new tradition last year and wrote her an open letter on her birthday. This inspired an open letter to our son on his birthday and then another open letter to our daughter on her first day of kindergarten.

To keep the tradition alive, I wrote an open letter to our girl in honor of her turning six.

Dear Doodlebug,

You turn six years old today. 

There are moments when I look at you and can't believe I get to be your mom. I know the past year has been hard, with so many more rules in place, but your resilience has been incredible. Despite the challenges you've faced, you've come through to the other side a stronger and much more confident young lady. It's been so inspirational to watch this transformation in your personality.

Your kind heart, inquisitive mind, and thoughtful nature are just a handful of things I love about you. Your curiosity is limitless and hearing your observations and your questions is always so intriguing. It makes me happy to learn more about how your mind works and how you see the world around you.

It also makes me happy to see what excites you. Reading has always been a favorite activity, but now it's clear that you've unlocked the magic behind it. You get lost in the stories and get transported to different times and places. Your love of books has inspired your brother's love of books, and it's heartwarming to see you reading to him. I hope that becomes one of your yellow core memories because there is always sheer joy on your face when you're reading him a story.

Other things that bring you joy? Creating art... Exploring the outdoors... Learning about nature, especially trout... and changing the world by pledging to protect the Earth. 

Given what Daddy and I have already seen you accomplish in your six years, you already are changing the world. Keep dreaming big things. Keep challenging us to do better and to be better. Your enthusiasm for everything you encounter is infectious, so don't stop. Keep blazing your trail and show everyone how far you can go when you keep kindness in your heart and you turn words into actions.

I love you. Every day. All day.



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