A Letter to Our Son on His 3rd Birthday

A Letter to Our Son on His 3rd Birthday | Taste As You Go

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Day 111 of Quarantine.

Some of you may remember that we started our period of quarantine back in March. We didn't host family and friends for our sweet girl's fifth birthday party as planned. Instead, we decided to cancel the party. Then we planned a series of special treats and surprises for the birthday girl to make up for it.

Well, today we're celebrating another birthday, the fourth one while in quarantine. Today our sweet boy turns three.

He has been wanting to turn three ever since his sister turned five. As we got closer to his big day, he started to outline his very specific list of birthday wishes. On the top of his list? A birthday hat like the one in this favorite book and a cake. 

I'll spend part of the day today baking his cake -- a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and strawberries. And we'll do his favorite things and later, we'll have the birthday dinner he asked for followed by slices of cake. I'm looking forward to it all.

In recognition of this important day, I'm sharing this open letter to our son.

Dear JJ,

You turned three years old today. We weren't expecting to welcome you to the world until August, but you decided to make an early appearance... 5.5 weeks ahead of schedule! I had to wait a bit to meet you since you were born via C-section and went straight to the NICU after delivery... but I fell in love with you the instant that I saw you.

And that moment when I was finally able to hold you? That moment changed me forever.

Do you know who else fell in love with you right away? Your big sister. She was smitten with you from the start and has been such a wonderful sister to you. As hard as these past few months have been, I'm so grateful that you've had each other. She's been an instrumental influence, and you're so much more independent now... thanks, in large part, to the encouragement she shows you.

I know you want to do everything she does when she does it. But don't rush it. Your time will come. And when you do something new or learn a new skill, Daddy and I will be just as proud of you as we are of her. 

I promise. 

Your ability to engage in thoughtful conversations amazes me. Not only are you caring, but you are also incredibly empathetic. With the help of your sister, you're starting to connect the dots and to question the world around you. The questions are endless, but I love learning about how your mind works. 

Keep making those connections. Keep asking those questions.

Your personality grows every single day and your sense of humor fascinates me. I'm not sure where you got your comedic timing from, but it is priceless. You won't understand this now, but do your best to remember this lesson -- laughter really is the best medicine.

My hope for you this next year is that you continue exploring the things you love... and when you're ready, that you'll be brave enough to try new things and to start building your dreams. I will do all that I can to nurture your interests and encourage you when you're feeling unsure. 

I love you, sweet boy. Every day. All day.



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