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Well, we did it. 

We survived our daughter's three-week-long spring break. And then we soldiered through this last week of remote learning 💻. 

I can say with absolute conviction that we are 💯 ready for her to return to in-person learning next week. And knowing what I know of the spring term, the next two months are going to fly. Before we know it, June will be here... she'll be on summer break... and we'll be preparing for life with a rising first-grader 😲.

Because I know things are going to get busier before they slow down... I'm going to try and enjoy as much of this Easter weekend as possible 🐰. Before I sign off to make dinner, here's a new batch of Tidbits for you to read when you find time this weekend.


  1. Our daughter turned six in early March. Unfortunately, this was her second pandemic birthday. We didn't have time to switch gears to any type of virtual celebration last year... So I made sure to handle this year's birthday with a little more forethought. I used this site to create a special birthday video for her, it was so wonderful to watch her see the video clips submitted by family and friends.

  2. In case you're not on Instagram or you don't follow Taste As You Go on Facebook... I'm a new brand affiliate with this company. This community-supported fishery delivers responsibly and sustainably harvested wild-caught Alaska seafood from their fishermen directly to members' doorsteps.

    See more about my partnership here and here.

    And if the idea of having fresh, wild-caught seafood delivered to you at home sounds great, then use my code TAYGFish for $25 off a 2021 Premium Share

  3. I didn't use our windowsill basil as much as I thought I would last year, so I decided to change directions and focus on growing parsley with this kit instead. I've set the kit up and planted the seeds... Just waiting to see if anything sprouts!

  4. This morning, while running some errands, it started to snow in our little corner of Connecticut. The snow didn't fall for long, but seeing it still made me a little cranky. Thankfully, this and this to keep me warm until spring decides to stick around for longer than a few days.

    I showed off my new favorite turtleneck on Instagram the other day.

    Like the look? Click here to get $25 off your first order of $150+!

  5. I miss being able to cook meals like this one. Not because our kids wouldn't like it... But because they would and it would cost me $200 to feed all of us. 😂

  6. I used this tip to fix our new-to-us area rug. Bookmark it! It actually worked!

Have a great weekend, everyone! I hope you can find some time for yourself to do something that fills your cup and makes you happy! 


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