What's for Dinner: November 7 - November 13

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I'm not going to lie... Last week kicked my butt.

Over the span of days, I received my COVID-19 vaccine booster and my flu shot. While I wasn't completely laid out, it feel like I was operating at 80% for most of the week.

I was planning on going into the weekend with a light agenda. I needed to tackle some housework and wanted to catch up on blogging. Then my husband announced a last-minute work trip, so we went into the weekend down a parent.

The kids seemed to know what that meant because they were a handful while he was out of town. Thank goodness they made up for it by playing quietly this morning... and, more importantly, letting us take advantage of our "extra hour" of sleep.

I finished most of the chores I wanted to take care of, and I chipped away at my blogging list, too. It's unlikely that I'll get to everything before I head to bed for the night... but I'm in a much better place than I was when the weekend started.

Before I head into the kitchen to start tonight's dinner, here's our current menu plan. Keep reading to see what's on deck for dinner at our house this week!

A Week of Dinners: November 7 - November 13

What do you have planned for dinner at your house this week?

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