What's for Dinner: January 1 - January 7

First Day 2023 Hike to the Pinnacle at Hidden Valley Preserve in Washington, CT | Taste As You Go

Happy New Year, everyone!

Our family celebrated a super chill New Year's Eve with plenty of snacks to graze on all afternoon. We let the kids stay up with us, and three out of four of us made it to midnight to ring in 2023 with a proper toast! 🥂

(Our daughter's glass had ginger ale in it.)

While it was a quiet night, it was the perfect way to end a week that was also quiet by design. As I mentioned in my last Tidbits post, I kept our social calendar as light as possible to give us all a chance to breathe. 

(The need to breathe was the main reason we took a family hike this morning.)

This past week also allowed me to take a brief break from blogging. As much as the experts stress that writing on a regular basis helps... well, everything... I find that the pressure to write all the time only results in anxiety and forced content. 

It's my goal to be as real as possible in this space... so I used the short time away to recharge and plan out some of the posts I want to share in January. 

In the meantime, let's celebrate the triumphant return of our weekly menu plan posts! Keep reading to see what's on deck for dinner at our house this week!

A Week of Dinners: January 1 - January 7

  • Sunday: Pork and Sauerkraut

    Dining on pork and sauerkraut has been a long-standing New Year's Day tradition for us. My husband and his family grew up eating it because the dish is said to bring good luck and progress because pigs are known to root forward, or move ahead. Sauerkraut is made with cabbage, which symbolizes prosperity and long life due to its long strands.

    We're all looking forward to seeing whether this tradition plays out!

  • Monday10-Minute Maple-Glazed Salmon with Rice Pilaf and Miso-Sesame Glazed Brussels Sprouts 

  • TuesdayBaked Cauliflower Parmesan and Simple Green Salad

  • Wednesday: Leftovers

  • Thursday: Thai Peanut Chicken Taco Bowls (adapted from this recipe) with Jasmine Rice

  • Friday: Frozen Pizza Movie Night

    My husband is back on the road for work, so the kids and I are kicking off the first Friday of the new year with our special tradition. They're already looking forward to it!

  • Saturday: Fish Sticks, Tater Tots, and Peas and Carrots

Defrost/Prep Plan

  • Sunday, January 1
    • Make Pork & Sauerkraut (Stephen)

  • Monday, January 2
    • Make 10-Minute Maple-Glazed Salmon, Rice Pilaf, and Miso-Sesame Glazed Brussels Sprouts
    • Menu Plan for January 8 - January 14
    • Order Groceries for January 8 - January 14
    • Create Defrost/Prep Plan for January 8 - January 14

  • Tuesday, January 3
    • Defrost chicken for Thai Peanut Chicken Taco Bowls
    • Make Baked Cauliflower Parmesan and Simple Green Salad

  • Wednesday, January 4
    • Make Pineapple Slaw and Jasmine Rice for Thai Peanut Chicken Taco Bowls

  • Thursday, January 5
    • Make chicken for Thai Peanut Chicken Taco Bowls
    • Assemble Thai Peanut Chicken Taco Bowls

  • Friday, January 6
    • Make Frozen Pizza

  • Saturday, January 7
    • Make Fish Sticks, Tater Tots, and Peas and Carrots

What do you have planned for dinner at your house this week?

Need Help Menu Planning? 


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