2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers

Looking for gift ideas for your favorite foodie? Check out the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers on Taste As You Go!

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It's been a while since I've shared my Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers. Three years ago, in fact. I was living the life of a mom of one and still felt that I had that life relatively under control. I was still freelancing and hadn't gone back to work yet... so it seemed only natural to spend some of my free time organizing a gift guide for the blog.

But times have definitely changed.

We have two kids now -- one is a whirlwind chatterbox and the other is a curious toddler. I'm working full-time and commuting an hour each way. We're this close to buying a new house so I don't have to do that commute anymore. And that "free time"? I'll let you know how I spend all my free time once I stop laughing my head off.

(These are tears of laughter flowing down my cheeks, right?)

I just have to remember that this situation is temporary. Things will calm down once we're settled in the new house... Maybe then I'll find some of that "free time" I've been missing so much.

Until then, I'm making more of a conscious effort to make time for blogging... So I'd love it if you'd keep reading and see my present picks!

2018 Holiday Gift Guide -- for the adults

2018 Holiday Gift Guide -- for the kids

What's on your Wish List this year?

Previous Holiday Gift Guides*: 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011

* Sadly, I only recently discovered that my previous holiday gift guides need updating. Many links are broken, including image links. I promise... I will make the fixes down the road... Just likely not before Christmas. Thanks for understanding!


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