Stylish Serveware: Cake Stands {and a Pregnancy Update}

These cake stands are beautiful and stylish and would make a lovely addition to any table.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Dark Buttercream Frosting on an Antique Store Cake Stand | Taste As You Go

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It's official. I'm 20 weeks pregnant (!) and halfway through my pregnancy. I was hoping for an uneventful backstretch, but I haven't been that fortunate. Because I delivered Caroline at 36 weeks and 6 days, my doctors labeled my pregnancy as "preterm". And because my first pregnancy was a preterm one, I get to have weekly Makena injections this time around... plus, I have to go for an ultrasound every two weeks.

Super fun.

Almond Butter Cookies | Taste As You Go

The extra appointments and visits to the doctor have been stressful for me. Now that I've had a few injections, I know how my body will react. The biggest side effect I've experienced is utter exhaustion. My energy level plummets and I find it difficult to get through the day. Not exactly helpful when I'm balancing a full-time job and life with a toddler.

Raspberry Rugelach on White Cake Stand | Taste As You Go

It would be understandable to take a step back from everything, to take it easy and take some things off my plate. Including blogging. But I don't want to lose what little momentum I've gained. To keep my motivation up, I thought I'd keep things light on the blog today.

Supercharged Espresso Muffins | Taste As You Go

Let's talk about cake stands.

The cake stand has become one of my favorite photography props. I used them all the time in my freelance work, so I began looking for more stylish stands. Now, it's highly possible that I own more cake stands than I should... But that doesn't mean I have to stop looking at them online.

If we had more storage space in our kitchen, then here are some of the cake stands I'd add to my collection.

Which one(s) do you like best?

Update October 27, 2022: New information about the pregnancy drug Makena.


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