A Brief Break

Road Covered by Snow | Filip Bunkens via Unsplash

It has taken a long time for me to get back into a blogging groove. I'm finally writing the posts I planned to publish years ago. I'm working with brands again. Plus I'm making time to develop new recipes and shoot updated photos for some of my earliest ones.

It feels great.

As much as I hate the idea of losing my momentum, I'm making the conscious decision to step back and take a brief break.

I'm going to take the rest of the year off from creating new content. Instead, I'm going to focus on the backend updates I've been working on over the past several months. I'm also looking ahead to January and have developed a content calendar that I hope I'll be able to follow.

*fingers crossed*

Before I sign off, I just want to thank you all for reading Taste As You Go... for leaving comments here and engaging with me on social media. Enjoy the holidays and I'll see you all in 2020!


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