What's for Dinner: April 5 - April 11

Looking for dinner inspiration? Here's what I've planned for dinner at our house this week!

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The days are blending together, and weekends no longer feel like weekends. By some miracle, the kids let us sleep in until 9 (!) before they started banging on doors. They love singing "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" from Frozen every time they encounter a door that's closed... So I only forced myself out of bed to stop the singing.

How are you all doing? Staying healthy and safe, I hope.

I was going to share two weeks of dinners again, but the timing doesn't work. We have a grocery delivery scheduled for Thursday. And while I could plan dinners based on what we have in the house right now... I'd rather wait and see what shows up before planning next week's meals. Especially anything relating to Easter.

You seemed to appreciate knowing where I made adjustments to our menu plans... I'll try to continue sharing that information moving forward. If not here on the blog, then definitely with the What's for Dinner? Facebook Group.

For now, keep reading to see what I've planned for dinner this week!

A Week of Dinners: April 5 - April 11

Sunday: White Turkey Chili with Avocado and Cornbread Muffins

I used the last of the ground turkey we had in the freezer and the canned corn and canned cannellini beans we had in the pantry. Since we didn't have the coriander like I thought we did, I used some of our Salsa & Pico seasoning instead. Rather than use cayenne, I used crushed red pepper... and I used the last of the turkey stock we had in the freezer (made from our Thanksgiving bird) in place of the chicken broth. Sadly, we didn't have avocado in the house, so we had to skip that.

As for the cornbread muffins, I made only one major substitution. We don't have honey, so I used maple syrup instead. These muffins were a HUGE hit, so I have a feeling I'll be making them again... once I get more cornmeal, that is.

Monday: Instant Pot Minestrone and Simple Olive Oil Drop Biscuits

The soup will take care of the last remaining stalks of celery in the refrigerator as well as the rest of the open jar of pesto. I always skip the green cabbage and will have to use a can of kidney beans since I used our last can of cannellini beans for the chili.

While searching for spices for the chili today, I discovered a small bottle of garlic-infused olive oil in the pantry. I might use that to make the biscuits to give them a slightly different flavor profile. Otherwise, it'll be business as usual.

Tuesday: Pasta with Marinara Sauce

We have a good supply of dried pasta and jarred marinara sauce in the pantry, so I'll tap into that on Tuesday night. It'll be nice to pull together a simple meal as we get to the middle of the week.

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Burger Night with Potato Salad

We have beef burgers in the freezer, so I'll cook up four of them for dinner. I ordered hamburger buns, but, obviously, we can have bunless burgers if need be. I also ordered mayonnaise, so whether we have potato salad will depend on what shows up in our Peapod delivery. If I can't make potato salad, I can bake some French fries to go with the burgers because we already have fries in the freezer.

Friday: Pizza with Broccoli, Mushrooms, and Caramelized Onions

I intended to make pizza dough this weekend but didn't get around to it. Hopefully, I'll have time to make some before Friday. Just in case I don't, I ordered some store-made dough from Peapod. Stephen picked up broccoli for me during his grocery store run over the weekend and I ordered mushrooms. If the mushrooms don't show up, we'll still have broccoli. And onions? Plenty still left in the basement.

Saturday: Healthier Tater Tot Casserole

I have most of the ingredients I need for this casserole for Saturday, but there are some key ingredients that are in our upcoming Peapod delivery.

We have ground beef, garlic, onion, olive oil, flour, beef stock, milk, and salt and pepper. We need red bell pepper, celery, mushrooms, fresh thyme, parsley, green onions, and tater tots. If the tots don't show up, then my Plan B dinner is Shepherd's Pie.

How has it been grocery shopping for you? Are you finding the ingredients you need in stores? Any issues with online ordering? Let me know what's going on!

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