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On Fridays, our family has pizza for dinner, and up until recently, we were able to share one pizza among the four of us. But living in quarantine has caused the kids' appetites to grow.

And grow.

And grow.

Now I have to make two pizzas to get us through Pizza Night. At first, I didn't like the idea of making so much pizza. I didn't want the need for extra food to blow my weekly grocery budget. But now that we've been celebrating Pizza Night this way for a few weeks, I've identified some plusses.

The biggest advantage? Making two pizzas means the kids can eat while we make the second pizza. They usually finish eating as I'm pulling the second pizza out of the oven... so we excuse the kids from the table so they can play, and Stephen and I share a nice "quiet" dinner by ourselves.

Starting the weekend way is so much more enjoyable. And, speaking of the weekend, here's a new batch of Tidbits for you to read at your leisure.


  1. I am so happy we have Hulu again so I can finally watch this show.

  2. And watching that show led me to this fantastic food blog.

  3. But don't worry... I'm not just watching television. I recently finished reading this book, Book 9 of 20 for the year.

  4. With some research, I was able to find the perfect birthday presents for our 3yo who loves doing jigsaw puzzles and reading hidden picture books -- this puzzle and this puzzle. We've only opened one of them so far, but it keeps him busy for hours because he will do the puzzle over and over again.

  5. I made this chocolate cake for J's birthday cake and topped it with this vanilla frosting. Delicious!

  6. My friend Kym got me thinking... why aren't there more plates like these for adults?

  7. I can finally start using my eyeliner thanks to this sharpener.

  8. I had the chance to try this raw honey recently. Although the honey is relatively mild in flavor, it really enhanced the dishes I used it in, including this stir fry recipethis chicken recipe, and this salad dressing recipe. We have a bit left in the jar, so I'm going to have to order more soon!

  9. No more collecting food scraps for our compost bin in a chipped bowl sitting on our kitchen counter. We now have this compost pail, which means fewer trips outside!

  10. Speaking of living green, we've been doing so well using more sustainable products for cleaning. Our favorites include this refillable glass spray bottle for our DIY cleansers, this all-purpose cleaner and the refill, these dishcloths (which we also use for surface cleaning), and this wire basket we use to store them.

  11. I've also transitioned to bar shampoo and bar conditioner. Plus I bought this storage container to help extend the life of the bars by keeping them dry and allowing them to breathe. The products are zero waste -- the packaging for the bars and the storage container are all compostable!

  12. I feel this so, so much.

Tidy Cloths in Wire Basket | Taste As You Go


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