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Cold Brew Club Monthly Membership | Taste As You Go

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If you follow me on Instagram, then you know all about my love for coffee. But did you know that my first job in high school was at a coffee shop?

The shop sat in the center of town and during the slower parts of my shift, I was able to get in a lot of people-watching. That shop was where I perfected my frothing technique... and where I learned that they weren't kidding when they said a steam burn hurts like hell.

From my "light and sweet" days to our French press days and then to our switch to pour-over... coffee and me? We go way back. I mean... my appreciation for coffee is deep. So when Mike Maleszyk from Cold Brew Club emailed me and asked whether I wanted to try their cold brew concentrate... of course I said yes!

Cold Brew Club Monthly Membership | Taste As You Go

For the longest time, I was all about hot coffee. It didn't matter what time of year it was, I wanted my coffee hot. Eventually, though, I came around to the idea of iced coffee, and then I tried cold brew.

Game. Changer.

Unfortunately, ordering cold brew put a strain on my coffee budget. (It damn near broke it.) We tried making it at home with a cold brew carafe to save money, but the process took forever. And the experience wasn't nearly as enjoyable. So that carafe wound up at the back of the cabinet and we started treating ourselves every once in a while to cold brew.

Then the pandemic hit and everything changed. We're strict about when (and why) we leave the house and order as much as possible online for delivery. It's been so long since we've gone out for coffee... and now we're receiving tons of emails enticing us with promises of discounts and rewards.

Thanks to Cold Brew Club, we're rethinking how we get our caffeine fix.

How does Cold Brew Club work?

Cold Brew Super Concentrate from Cold Brew Club | Taste As You Go

When you place your order, you'll receive a box containing a 3-liter pouch of cold brew concentrate. When diluted with a 2:1 ratio of water, that pouch will make 9 liters, or 38 cups, of delicious cold brew coffee. According to their website, that equals out to around $1.55 per cup.

Way more affordable than the stuff we'd get at the cafe! 

And, you really can't beat the convenience. I mean, look at this glorious sight.

Cold Brew Super Concentrate from Cold Brew Club | Taste As You Go

Cold Brew Club ships their coffee concentrate cold. And because it's packed with four cryogel packs, it stays cold until it arrives on your doorstep. It can go straight from the box to the refrigerator without any problems.

Cold Brew Super Concentrate from Cold Brew Club | Taste As You Go

Or you can make up a couple of glasses of cold brew right away like we did. 

No judgment whatsoever.

Cold Brew Super Concentrate from Cold Brew Club | Taste As You Go

We received a pouch of their signature blend -- Ascension  -- which is a medium-bodied medium roast. The flavor is smooth and slightly nutty and, thanks to its low acidity, this blend is extremely drinkable. 😳

Cold Brew Super Concentrate from Cold Brew Club | Taste As You Go

This means this cold brew coffee is the perfect thing to drink when you're sitting on your front step and watching your kids run around the front yard.

More information of note:

  • You can enjoy this coffee concentrate hot or cold. Just remember the magic ratio of 2:1 and you'll be golden.
  • Diluting the concentrate is recommended since there's approximately 200mg of caffeine per 100ml of concentrate.
  • Cold Brew Club is committed to sustainability, uses green packaging, and has outlined its climate action plan. Read more about their commitment.
  • You can make a one-time purchase or sign-up for a membership, either a monthly membership or a 3-month membership. Start here. Referral code valid until August 3, 2020.

Thanks so much to Cold Brew Club for the opportunity to try out this cold brew concentrate!


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