What's for Dinner: July 19 - July 25

Person Holding Ice Cream Cone | Photo by Elza Kurbanova via Unsplash

Looking for dinner inspiration? Here's what I've planned for dinner at our house this week!

It's a scorcher out there today. Stephen and I spent a hot minute out on our deck this morning, drinking coffee in sweet silence. But it was too hot in the sun, so we had to retreat indoors.

We've since switched over to cold brew coffee (review coming soon!) and now we're watching Hamilton on Disney+ again. Since it's going to be a hot day, we don't have anything major planned... and, to be honest, I'm grateful for a lazy Sunday.

If you're curious to see what I've planned for dinner at our house this week, then keep reading!

PS. Today is National Ice Cream Day. If you're looking for some homemade ice cream recipes that you can make in your own kitchen, then check these out!

A Week of Dinners: July 19 - July 25

What do you have planned for dinner at your house this week?

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