What's for Dinner: December 13 - December 19

Butter Cookies on Plate | Photo by Monika Grabkowska via Unsplash

I don't know about you, but we're in full countdown mode in our house. Our 5yo has three more days of school until her Winter Recess starts. I have eight more days of work until I'm off for the holidays. There are eleven days until Christmas Eve... and that means there are only twelve days until Christmas.

*** cue the music ***

Because of the pandemic, I made my Mom lists in early November. I'm done shopping (I hope)... and I've outsourced the job of securing stocking-stuffers to Stephen. Even so, I'm still waiting for a few packages to arrive. And, at some point, I'll start wrapping gifts. Despite all my planning, it feels like we'll be cutting it close... so this should be interesting.

We started the holiday baking this weekend. I made a batch of these family-favorite cookies yesterday. Then Stephen and the kids spent the majority of today making gingerbread cookies. (I have been watching them with an amused look on my face from afar.) I'm planning on making at least one more kind of cookie next weekend. Three kinds of cookies should be enough... but my family might have different expectations this year!

Do you know what's better than finishing the holiday baking? Having already figured out what I'm going to make for Christmas dinner! With any luck... most of the ingredients I need for that meal will arrive in tomorrow's grocery delivery. So neither one of us will need to run around to the local stores trying to pick things up at the last minute. 🤞

While I celebrate that little victory, why don't you check out what I've planned for dinner at our house this week? And make a note to come back next week to see what I'm planning for dinner on Christmas!

A Week of Dinners: December 13 - December 19

What do you have planned for dinner at your house this week?

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