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Wow, you guys... Has it really been four months since I shared my last batch of Tidbits with you? Unreal.

A lot has happened since then, both at work and at home. I think I even found my blogging groove again as I've fallen into the rhythm of publishing two new posts per week -- our weekly menu plan plus one additional post. I happy with this type of schedule and hope to keep the momentum going into the new year.

Another thing I'm happy about? Working with brands again to develop new content. After publishing this post about chocolate, other brands like this one started reaching out. I'll be doing some recipe testing this weekend for another brand and I'm expecting some product from yet another brand for a potential feature down the road.

With so many great things in the pipeline, I do hope you guys stay tuned! In the meantime, here's the next batch of Tidbits for you to read at your leisure.


  1. Our kids haven't started school yet, but I already feel this. Especially after I realized I need to make time to work on our son's snowman-themed homework this weekend. He's not even 2.5 yet...

  2. What do you think about this? Is self-care a myth?

  3. Not too long ago, I got fed up with the pants in my closet. So I ordered these in navy and black and finally replaced the pair of black skinny jeans I tossed (i.e., donated) after having our son.

  4. This grossed me out. I most definitely threw our stash of paper grocery bags in the recycling bin after reading that story. I also made sure I put our collection of these bags in the trunk of my car so I'd have easy access to them whenever I make a random stop at the grocery store on the way home from work.

  5. I can't remember what I cooked for him, but I can remember what he cooked for me. Do you remember the first meal you cooked for your partner?

  6. I feel like some of you out there may need to watch this. Especially at this time of year. I know I did... Twice.

  7. If only my family knew about this tip when I was a kid. It would have saved us a lot of effort!

  8. This is really good to know as I plan to restock my freezer with some premade meals.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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