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I'm going to kick this post off with a little horn-tootin' 🎺. 

We're off on another Summer Bucket List adventure this weekend... so I actually wrote this post a couple of days ago!

Given everything else I had going on in my world, plus the added stress of preparing and packing for a trip out of town... finishing a post in advance and scheduling it to publish is a nice add to the win column.

So... without further ado, here's a new batch of Tidbits for you to read when you find the time. 


And if you're curious to see which Summer Bucket List item(s) we're tackling this weekend... be sure to follow me on Instagram for updates. ðŸ¥°

  1. Do you have someone in your life who loves beef jerky? Then this beef jerky flower bouquet is the perfect gift for them!

    The floral arrangement of beef jerky ships fully assembled in a pint glass "vase" and makes a huge impression from the moment you open the box. And with four flavors in the bouquet—Original, Teriyaki, Hot, and Mixed—you really can't go wrong!

    The Beef Jerky Bouquet from the Manly Man Co. | Taste As You Go

    Just a word of caution... The Hot flavor is ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥. Be sure you know which flavor is in your hand before you take a bite. 😂

    I'm thinking a couple of these on a table at a party would be a fabulous way to liven up a cracker-and-cheese platter. They'd certainly make a terrific conversation piece!

    Want to try one for yourself or send one as a gift?

    Use code TIDBITS15 to receive 15% off your order! The code is only good for this beef jerky bouquet and is good through August 31.

  2. When planning our picnic outing for our Summer Bucket List, I was all set to refer to these picnicking tips. But we kept it low-key with take-out instead. ðŸ˜‰

  3. I finally got my spare insoles for these shoes after them not having my size for months. And to get more bang for my shipping buck, I ordered these shoes, too. So comfortable! (See another photo here.)

    Use this link to receive $20 off your first order!

  4. I ordered some new books for the kids' library at home, including this one written by Malala Yousafzai and this one highlighting the threat of plastic. Both are appropriate for our daughter's school's summer reading theme of Read to Change the World.

  5. Back-to-school shopping has begun, starting with this backpack and this lunchbox (both in Deep Sea Navy Butterflies) for our rising first grader... and this backpack and this lunchbox (both in Rainbow Galaxy) for our soon-to-be pre-K kid.

  6. I remember making dishes like this when it was just me and my husband. Those romantic dinners for two were lovely.

  7. Have you started using this Chrome extension to shop carbon neutral when shopping online? So far, I've offset 101 pounds of CO2 and have saved 51 trees!

  8. I love this list of podcasts for adults and kids... It's inspiring me to start listening to podcasts again.


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