A Letter to Our Daughter on Her 7th Birthday

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It's here.

Our sweet girl's seventh birthday.

When we asked her what she wanted to do to celebrate, she made the very sensible decision to think about it for a while. She mulled it over for a few days and then came back with a surprising list of ideas.

The world is returning to normal and the restrictions in our area have eased up. Even so, her list revealed her birthday wish to keep things simple... with a small celebration with our immediate family.

I can't believe I'm typing this... but this is our sweet girl's third pandemic birthday. I remember feeling so guilty last year because we didn't plan a huge shindig. She took everything in stride and handled the situation with fantastic grace.

When she turned five, I started the tradition of writing her an open letter on her birthday. To keep the tradition alive, I wrote an open letter to our girl in honor of her turning seven.

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Dear Lovey,

You turn seven today.

For some reason, the reality of your seventh birthday is hitting me hard. In the last year, the roundness of your cheeks has lessened... and you're so much taller now. You've stopped looking like a little girl and more like a young lady.

But the change hasn't been gradual. Sometimes it feels like it's happened all of a sudden. There have been days when I've had to do a double-take because I hardly recognized you.

While your features are changing, one thing that hasn't changed is your heart. You still lead with kindness and act with a thoughtfulness that is well beyond your years. Plus, you've developed an amazing ability to charm others with your graciousness. 

It's been inspirational to watch all these traits in action.

You're curious to hear what the grown-ups are talking about, just like your dad was when he was younger. The questions you bring to the table have often caused us to pause and consider the whys. They also help your younger brother look at his world in new ways. Some of our dinner table conversations have been quite impressive and have given you a chance to showcase your insights.

Your enthusiasm for everything you encounter is infectious, so don't stop. Keep asking those questions. Keep wondering why. Keep trying to dig for more answers. 

It's no surprise to anyone that reading remains one of your favorite activities. It's fun watching to see which books you'll go back to again and again. And when you express interest in new things... like making homemade dumplings... I've loved finding books for you to read that will help develop those interests.

Keep reading. Keep getting lost in the stories and exploring different places and times. Keep sharing your love of books with your brother... With your encouragement, I'm guessing he'll be reading to you this time next year!

First grade has added some hurdles to your otherwise unobstructed path. I know it's been frustrating when answers don't come to you right away... or when you have to start from the beginning because you got off track. 

We don't expect you to know everything right away... and we don't expect your journey to be without hurdles. It's okay to make mistakes and stumble every now and then... If you didn't, then how would you learn how to dig in and try again?

Keep telling yourself that you can do it. Ask for help if you need it, but don't give up. Keep trying and keep believing in yourself. 

Daddy and I do.

Now... You may only be seven today, but you're already changing the world. Keep challenging us. Keep pushing us to be our best selves. Keep motivating us. Keep reminding us about the importance of love and the power of kindness.

Keep dreaming big things. Keep blazing your trail and show everyone just how far you can go. You are an inspiration, and it is such an honor to be yours.

I love you. Every day. All day.



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