What's for Dinner: March 12 - March 18

White Ceramic Mug Beside White and Black Analog Alarm Clock | Photo by Jessica Delp via Unsplash

Ah, Daylight Saving. 

The bane of every parent's existence.

Our kids were up at their usual ungodly hour, especially for a weekend. But they had the good sense to play quietly so they wouldn't disturb us.

Do you know what it was that ripped me from my sleep? The realization that we were likely in our grocery delivery window and in danger of missing it.

(I was not wrong. When I checked my phone, I had two messages telling me our delivery was outside the garage door.)

Because we were "losing an hour," I didn't waste time attacking my to-do list for today. Then my husband and daughter left for church... and I realized I had a chance to squeeze in a special mommy/son daughter with my youngest.

So we popped out for coffee and cocoa at one of my favorite cafes in town. Seeing the smile on his face as we enjoyed one-on-one time was so worth ignoring my to-do list for a couple of hours.

But now we're home and it's time to dig in. Curious to see what's on our menu plan for the week? Then keep reading!

A Week of Dinners: March 12 - March 18

Need Help Menu Planning? 


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