What's for Dinner: January 19 - January 25

Looking for dinner inspiration? Here's what I've planned for dinner at our house this week!

Snow-Covered Wooden House | Photo by Greg Rakozy via Unsplash

If you guys caught my latest batch of Tidbits, then you'll remember how ready I was for the weekend. After a hard week full of work-life balance challenges, I had my eyes on Saturday night.

Date Night.

We had tickets to a show, and I had a babysitter booked weeks ago. I was so proud that we were making the effort to get out of the house without the kids. And I was happy that I'd be making progress on my goals for the year.

But then the snowstorm started. Stephen and I were willing to try making it down to the theatre for the show, but then our babysitter canceled. Which turned out to be the right call given how quickly the snow was falling... And it didn't matter anyway since the theatre notified us that they were canceling the show.

Naturally, my mood shifted pretty quickly. I was counting on a night out, just the two of us. I wanted that time to focus on my marriage. But I also wanted the time to give myself a mental break from my mom responsibilities.

Damn snow.

I've been having a hard time pulling myself back up after that disappointment. And now I have to figure out how to get back in the game, so to speak. Stephen and I have another hard week of juggling ahead of us, so I hope I can shake it soon.

In the meantime, I have dinners to plan and to get on the table. So, without further ado, here's what I have planned for dinner at our house this week.

PS. Did you guys know I created a special What's for Dinner? Facebook Group? If you're on Facebook, then check it out!

A Week of Dinners: January 19 - January 25

SundayJerk Chicken Bowls with White Rice and Pineapple Black Bean Salsa

MondayRainbow Vegetarian Fried Orzo Skillet

Tuesday: Ground Turkey Taco Night

Wednesday: Breaded Pork Chops, Apple Chestnut Stuffing, and Steamed Green Beans

Thursday: Working Dinner (for mom) / Leftovers (for the family)

Friday: Chinese New Year Dinner at Work (for mom) / Stephen's Choice (for the family)

SaturdayCheesy Baked BBQ Chicken with Egg Noodles and Corn

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