Apple Chestnut Stuffing

This recipe for Apple Chestnut Stuffing first appeared on Taste As You Go in 2010. A fresh version of the recipe appears here with slight modifications and updated photos.

Apple Chestnut Stuffing in Le Creuset Casserole Dish | Taste As You Go

The menu plan for next week is all but complete... I have one more meal to plan out, and it's the big one. The dinner I have been anticipating for the past year -- Thanksgiving.

I'll be picking up the turkey later this week. While many believe that the turkey is the star of the show, I'm all about the Thanksgiving sides.

Which dishes are going to cozy up to the turkey on my plate? Do I need to make mashed potatoes if I'm already planning on making sweet potatoes? Speaking of sweet potatoes, do I make a casserole with brown sugar and pecans... or do I top the potatoes with marshmallows? What about the rolls? Should I make them from scratch or can I cut corners one more year and by the break-and-bake kind?

Despite the lingering questions, I know one thing for certain. I will torture myself by peeling fresh chestnuts, likely cursing the entire time. Then I will proceed to make my famous Apple Chestnut Stuffing.

Apple Chestnut Stuffing | Taste As You Go

In honor of the occasion, I'm sharing the recipe for my stuffing on the blog again, this time with updated photos. If you haven't tried this recipe before, then I encourage you to give it a whirl this Thanksgiving. The apples add a subtle sweetness to the dish and the chestnuts provide a lovely contrast in texture.

Apple Chestnut Stuffing | Taste As You Go

Baked in the bird or in a baking dish all on its own... either way, it'll be delicious!


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