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I'm not sure if you all realized it, but Taste As You Go turned twelve earlier this week. On Wednesday. Despite hitting this unprecedented milestone, I was pretty quiet about the day.

Of course, I had intended to write a special blog post commemorating the occasion. But since I never imagined that I'd still be blogging after all this time, I couldn't quite figure out where to start. 

Rather than agonize over finding the right words... I thought I'd share some fun things about the blog in this new batch of Tidbits. Give them a read when you have time this weekend!

  1. Haha! This was the very first post on Taste As You Go.

  2. This recipe is still the most viewed recipe on the blog. And this one isn't far behind.

  3. Thanks to this blog, I got to participate in some pretty awesome press trips to places like this and this.

  4. And I got to attend some fun events like this and this and this/this.

  5. I'm twelve years into blogging and I'm still making backend changes and upgrades to the site. Plus some forward-facing changes... So in case you missed it, I need some help deciding which of my new headshots to use on the blog. Vote here on Instagram or here on Facebook!

  6. I recently finished reading this bookthis book, and this book.

  7. This book is one of our new favorites. It's the perfect read for children getting ready to go to school for the first time. Our 5yo can read it to her younger brother from cover to cover and they laugh hysterically every single time.

  8. I read this antiracist read with our youngest.

  9. Now that our 5yo is learning more about the 50 states, we've been talking about the state capitals... which made me think of a rap I had to learn when I was in elementary school. Did anyone else learn the state capitals this way?

  10. Summer is winding down... does that mean I have to stop drinking this?

  11. When the weather does get cooler, then I can put this on our menu plan.

  12. And if I have time, then maybe I'll make some of this for dessert.

  13. I've been delaying ordering new eyeglass frames because I haven't been able to find anything I liked or anything that fit well enough. But then I decided to try out this company and I had great success! I can't wait until the glasses arrive so I can start wearing my glasses more.

  14. Our home improvement and design adventures continue! We got tired of having our TV hanging on the fireplace above the mantel, so we bought this console to put it on. Doing this was the first step in a long chain of other changes we're planning on making. Hopefully, I'll remember to post progress pictures on Instagram!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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