What's for Dinner: March 7 - March 13

Brown Wooden House Near Bare Tree During Daytime | Photo by Oleksandra Bardash via Unsplash

As usual, I had a different plan in mind for today. The most important thing on our agenda was to pick up our daughter's birthday cake 🎂. So, of course, we planned our day around that.

Due to a misunderstanding about timing, the cake wasn't ready when we stopped by. Since we didn't actually need the cake for today, it wasn't a huge deal... But we spent 30 minutes in the car with nothing to show for it 😞.

So we stopped for coffee and pastries at another shop and then did something we haven't done in months. We went to a playground and let the kids run around. There weren't too many other people there -- because, um, it was 28 degrees out 🥶 -- so they had their run of the place.

Seeing them so happy helped us forget about the issues with the cake pick-up. But, for some reason, coming home without a cake did something to my mood... and I wasn't feeling terribly motivated to get much done. 

I wondered whether this was the start of the crash... the crash that always happens when I take an extended period of time off from work.

Rather than push it, I allowed myself to be a sloth 🦥. This is why this menu plan post is coming to you later than I planned. But... better late than never, right 🤷‍♀️?

Keep reading to see what's on deck for dinner at our house this week... including what's on the menu for our soon-to-be 6yo's birthday dinner!

A Week of Dinners: March 7 - March 13

What do you have planned for dinner at your house this week?

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