What's for Dinner: March 19 - March 25

Purple Flowers on Brown Woven Basket | Photo by Margaret Jaszowska via Unsplash

I had such high hopes for the past week. I felt confident and so sure that things were going to go my way.

Then something I had invested a lot of time into didn't pan out... and all my focus and energy plummeted. 

I went into the weekend feeling pretty down. I was so disappointed, I half-expected to spend the weekend padding around the house in my pajamas in a deep funk.

Instead, I took my own advice and made a choice. I brushed off the disappointment and chose to refocus my priorities. And as soon as I did that, a door opened... the fog lifted... and the signs pointed me in a new direction.

I'm now more determined than ever to make this new opportunity work. 

Once I make dinner, of course. Curious to see what's on our menu plan for the week? Then keep reading!

(And, if you have a minute... send some good vibes my way. I'll take all the positive encouragement I can get!)

A Week of Dinners: March 19 - March 25

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