What's for Dinner: July 2 - July 8

Beginnings of a 6th Birthday Spread | Photo by thefriscobay via Unsplash - tasteasyougo.com

The past few days have been quite busy. 

Friday was my last day at work before starting my new job... After celebrating with some coworkers, my husband and I jumped into the house search. He met with our listing agent and when I finished up at work, we drove down to see two properties with our realtor.

The first house is still a maybe... And it took ten minutes, for us to take the second house off our list. It's clear that this process will be stressful... so I hope it goes as quickly as possible.

As if we weren't busy enough... we're spending most of today in birthday mode. Our youngest turns six today, and we planned a special surprise for him to celebrate! Once the birthday festivities wind down, I'll prepare what I need to start my new job tomorrow.


With so much in flux, I'm grateful for our weekly menu plans. Planning a week of dinners eliminates the need to decide what to cook each night.

Curious to see what I'll be making for dinner this week? Keep reading!

A Week of Dinners: July 2 - July 8

Need Help Menu Planning? 

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