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I started writing the draft for this post back in January.

If we're being precise about it... it was January 14. That was back when I felt pretty proud of myself for having published four new blog posts so early in the new year.

Well... we'll all know what happened next. I mean, it hasn't exactly been a secret that I've found it hard to find time to blog on a regular basis. 

Before the entirety of 2022 passes, I'd like to share at least one Tidbits post with you. 

If you find yourself with a spare moment, I hope you give it a read!

  1. How many blankets is too many blankets to own? Because I have this one and need to get it in the other colors.

  2. I started the year reading this book and am now reading this one.

  3. When we find our forever home, I hope there's a space that will accommodate this mirror.

  4. This t-shirt towel has really made a difference when it comes to my hair.

  5. Now that we're approaching cold and flu season, I thought I'd share this method of teaching kids to blow their own nose... it totally helped our youngest!

  6. Speaking of kids, ours are still obsessed with flossing their teeth thanks to these flossers. They won't put their toys away at night, but they will take the time to floss! 😂

  7. I've given up ironing (for the most part) in favor of removing wrinkles with this steamer.

  8. Is it too soon to shop for Valentine's Day? Because this sweatshirt is super cute.

  9. After 10+ years with the drinking glasses we received as wedding gifts, we have new glasses. And I love them. (Full disclosure: a couple of the glasses arrived broken and I had to request replacements, but Food52's customer service was so helpful in making that happen.)

  10. I'm exhausted and it's definitely not because I'm burned out.

  11. This brand makes luscious lotions that are already helping hydrate my dry skin.


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