2022 Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Holiday Gift Guide | Taste As You Go

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I'm pretty excited to share this year's Holiday Gift Guide with you... probably because I've been sitting on some of these ideas since last Christmas!

If you're looking for some fresh gift ideas, I hope you'll check out this year's Holiday Gift Guide. There are A WHOLE BUNCH of great ideas here, so I'm sure you won't have trouble finding inspiration for everyone on your list!

2022 Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for the Kitchen | Taste As You Go

Gifts for the Kitchen

  • Five Two Silicone Baking Mat | $15

    I have a love/hate relationship with silicone baking mats. When I'm not struggling with washing them so they feel clean, I'm struggling with getting them to fit properly on our baking sheets. That's why I love the idea of these silicone baking mats from Food52. You can actually trim them to fit the pans you have!

  • The Cookie Tray by Souper Cubes, Set of 2 | $29.95 

    If you know someone who likes to bake, then this might be the perfect gift for them. Especially if they're also someone who believes that freshly baked cookies should always be readily available.

  • Paper Source Blue Bento Lunch Box | $17.50

    I work at a school, and I'm really fortunate that I'm able to eat lunch in the dining hall with the students and faculty. But there are some times when I have to grab my lunch and run back to my office for a call or a meeting. If I had something like that, then I wouldn't need to use (and return) the dining hall plates.

  • Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker | $219

    Imagine how happy the coffee lover in your life would be to have this cold brew coffee maker in their own kitchen. They wouldn't need to run to the coffee shop every time they wanted a cold brew!

  • WÜSTHOF Precision Edge 4 Stage Knife Sharpener | $29.99

    Proper knife care is essential in the kitchen. This knife sharpener will help you keep your knives in the best working condition. Added bonus? There are different settings based on the type of knives you have (Asian or standard).
2022 Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for the Kitchen | Taste As You Go
  • Baking Steel | $129

    Thanks to our weekly menu plan posts, most of you already know that Pizza Night is a regular thing in our house. But even after all these years of making homemade pizza on Friday nights, we still don't own a baking steel. I hear it really makes a difference to the texture of the crust.

  • Uashmama Wine Bag & Cooler | $44

    Made from water- and stain-resistant paper, these wine bags are so, so chic! I love that you can choose a bag with or without a cooler to keep your wine chilled while you're on the go.

  • Cuisinart Chef's Classic 12-Quart Stockpot | $69.99

    Now that I make my own chicken stock and vegetable broth, I've determined that the pasta pot I have isn't sufficient for making large quantities of stock. Something like this will help when it comes time to make another big batch for the chest freezer!

  • Schmidt Brothers ® Acacia Downtown Knife Block | $124.99

    Do you know someone who's looking for a stylish way to store their knives on the counter? This knife block is beautiful to look at and displays blades between acacia wood and acrylic in a slim stand. (The knives shown above aren't included.)

  • Cuisinart Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids | $39.99

    Speaking of kitchen essentials, you really can't go wrong with a set of stainless steel mixing bowls. You'll use them for everything from baking to serving salads to holding all the buttered popcorn on Movie Night. I love that these bowls come with lids!
2022 Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for the Foodie | Taste As You Go

Gifts for the Foodie

  • Chinese Soup Dumpling Kit | $60

    Our daughter's obsession with dumplings led to a dumpling-making workshop at our friends' house ahead of Lunar New Year earlier this year. She showed great promise when it came to folding the dumplings that I think she might be ready to try her hand at making soup dumplings. 

  • MasterChef Family Cooking Game | $14.25

    Turn mealtime into game time with this game that's perfect for fans of MasterChef and MasterChef Junior. As you play your way around the board, you'll try 22 family-tested recipes, test out your kitchen skills, and even throw in a few gamechanger challenges and mystery ingredients. The included recipes cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you can play any time of day. The game sounds like a great way to build anyone's confidence in the kitchen!

  • Paper Source Hot Cocoa Kit | $29.50

    Who wouldn't want to warm up from a cold winter day with some hot cocoa?

  • Indoor S'mores Fire Pit | $175

    How fun would it be to host an indoor s'mores party with this table-top s'mores fire pit? And, it's versatile enough to use the whole year round no matter where you live!

  • The Art of the Board | $26.03

    Snack board have evolved way beyond charcuterie and crudités. These days, it's impossible to scroll through my social media feeds without seeing some pretty ingenious ideas for breakfast boards, candy boards, butter boards, and so on. If you know someone who loves to entertain, then this might just be the cookbook for them.

  • The Korean Vegan Cookbook | $32.55

    I don't know which I'm more obsessed with - Joanne Lee Molinaro's storytelling through food or the recipes she shares. While I'm not vegan, I've had my eye on her award-winning cookbook ever since it came out.

  • YesChef Online Cooking Classes | $15-$25 per month

    YesChef classes are designed for home cooks, so every lesson covers the fundamentals and techniques that allow you to master the art of home cooking while also embarking on a global culinary adventure. Explore dishes from Italy to California, Argentina to India, Jamaica to Israel, and more. You can stream the video lessons anytime, from anywhere on your smartphone, computer, tablet and TV.
2022 Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for the Home | Taste As You Go

Gifts for the Home

  • Mimosa Rewined Candle | $24.95

    Inspired be a classic morning cocktail, this candle has notes of champagne and freshly squeezed orange juice. Might be a fun gift idea for those in your brunch bunch!

  • Threshold™ Artificial Downswept Flocked PVC Tree | $25-$40

    This miniature faux tree is the perfect home accent for the holiday season. Its downswept branches feature a flocked coating for a subtly snow-covered look. The tree would look charming as is or with a string of twinkle lights.

  • Ironwood Gourmet Round Provencale Paddle | $31.98

    This tray is beautifully handcrafted from sustainably harvested acacia wood and can be used for a variety of serving purposes. Pair with The Art of the Board (above) for a lovely gift for your favorite host or hostess.

  • Faux Red Berry Wreath | $119

    The berries on this wreath are a gorgeous shade a red... perfect for adding a pop of color to anyone's home.

  • Social Print Studio Daily Calendar | $60.50-$99

    This calendar is such a cute way to display your favorite photos. Since each card shows the date without assigning it to a specific day of the week, you can use this calendar year after year.

  • Wondershop™ Glass Coffee Cup To Go Christmas Tree Ornament | $5

    Do you know someone who loves coffee? This ornament would be a cute way to celebrate their need for caffeine!

  • Frasier Fir Petite Pine Needle Reed Diffuser | $44

    One of my favorite things about cutting down our own Christmas tree and decorating it in our living room is the luscious scent of pine that lingers once we're done. Here's a way to enjoy that scent in other rooms of your home.
2022 Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for the Kids | Taste As You Go

Gifts for the Kids

  • Little Tikes Real Wood Pizza Kitchen & Restaurant | $209.95

    Do you know a kiddo who loves making pizza as much as my kids do? This wood pizza kitchen and restaurant would surely keep them happily playing for hours as they create and serve up fresh pizza made to order!

  • The Smart Cookie | $17.66

    This is the fifth book in the #1 New York Times bestselling Food Group series from creators Jory John and Pete Oswald. A great addition to any home library of children's books.

  • Tovla Jr. Kids Cooking and Baking Gift Set with Storage Case | $69.95

    This is the ultimate cooking set for kids. It comes with all the equipment they'll need to either help you in the kitchen or experiment on their own. The kit includes a storage case with four recipe cards, a unisex apron, measuring cups, measuring spoons, a kitchen timer, a pair of tongs, a rolling pin, three nylon knives, a spoon, a spatula, a whisk, three cookie cutters, and a cutting board.

  • Wood Lacing Toy Set  | $15.95

    This wooden lacing toy set includes three options - an apple slice with a caterpillar, a watermelon slice with a worm, and a cheese wedge and a mouse. They help improve kids' fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills.

  • Melissa & Doug Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter | $27.19

    My kids love anything related to pretend play... especially if it involves preparing food for their parents to devour. This ice cream play set with toppings also includes a reusable menu, so children can take orders, pay with play money and serve up deliciousness, just like their favorite ice cream shop.
2022 Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for the Kids | Taste As You Go
  • Kid Made Modern, Foodie Craft Kit | $19.99

    For the kids who love crafts, this is a super cute craft kit that will inspire them to create their own colorful culinary creations. The kit contains over 100 pieces that open up worlds of possibilities, like donuts, pizza, lollipops, cupcakes, popsicles, cookies, and much more!

  • Klutz Sew Mini Treats | $19.99

    Along those same lines, this sewing kit lets kids make their own plush felt foods. They'll get everything they need to sew these mini treats, including instructions, patterns, and materials for more than 18 cheerful, itty‑bitty food items as well as tips and tricks to customize your own designs.

  • SmartLab Toys Tiny Baking | $19.08

    If your child is interested in the science involved in food chemistry, then this baking set is a great idea! The set includes a 48-page recipe book that explains the science, like how the acid and base in baking powder start a reaction when liquid is added, producing gas bubbles to cause the batter to rise. Plus there are 20 delicious recipes to try!

  • Julia, Child | $15.29

    This children's book by Kyo Maclear tells a fictional tale loosely inspired by the life of the famed Julia Child and her friend Simca. The two share a love of cooking (and butter) and a desire to stay young and playful forever. Their story celebrates the joy of eating, the importance of never completely growing up, and mastering the art of having a good time.

  • The Dough Project DIY Playdough Mix 6-Pack | $55

    My kids absolutely love this DIY playdough. It's made with all-natural, plant-based ingredients and it helps them create whatever their imaginations desire. (For whatever reason, this usually results in a lot of cakes and ice cream sundaes.)

  • The Dough Project Rolling Pin | $8

    Pair the six-pack of DIY playdough mix with this cute little rolling pin!
2022 Holiday Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers | Taste As You Go

Stocking Stuffers

  • Bambu Bamboo Pot Scrapers, Set of 4 | $13.99

    These bamboo pot scrapers are a must-have in the kitchen. The thin edges and different angles help scrape any nook and cranny, thoroughly cleaning your kitchenware. They're great for pots, pans, non-stick, stainless steel, Teflon, cast iron, skillets, the stovetop, sheet trays, and countertops. 

  • Butter Bookmark | $6.50

    I swear, this bookmark must have been created especially for me. If you know someone who loves butter as much as they love reading, then this whimsical bookmark was created for them, too.

  • Mike's Hot Honey | $13.49

    I'd put this stuff on everything if I could. 

  • OXO Cookie Scoops | $15.95-$16.95

    If you want to up your cookie-baking game, these scoops help make sure your cookies bake evenly and come out of the oven the same size.

  • HAY Color Sticks Chopsticks, Set of 6 | $36-$40

    I love the color palette of these chopsticks. So much more satisfying to use than those standard chopsticks that come with your take-out.

  • Four Seasons of Flowers Mug | $22

    Know someone who loves hydrangeas? This would be the perfect gift for them so they can keep their favorite flowers in mind while sipping on their morning coffee or tea.

  • USB Lighter Company Rechargeable Lighter | $34

    This rechargeable lighter will give you up to 300 uses on a single charge. The slim design makes it easy to use for lighting candles both new and burned down almost to the bottom. Plus you can easily store it in a drawer at home or in your bag if you're on the go.

  • Cookie House Mug Buddies, Set of 4 | $24

    These tiny gingerbread houses are hand-crafted in Maine and can perch right on the edge of your mug. Choose from traditional gingerbread or dark chocolate cinnamon for an adorable and charming treat to any hot beverage. 

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