What's for Dinner: March 27 - April 2

Purple Pasque — the lovely spring flower. | Photo by Ales Maze via Unsplash

It feels strange to say this, but today felt very normal. Like pre-pandemic normal.

The kids were quiet when they woke up this morning, which meant my husband and I were able to sleep in until about 8:30. And, for the first time in a LONG time, I met up with a friend for lunch.

Our paths first crossed online via Instagram, so this was the first time we'd met in person. Now, making new friends at this stage of life has been a challenge for me... so I was grateful we were able to schedule a time to get together. 

Especially since we have a bunch in common. Our kids are about the same age... and we're feeling similar pressures as moms and as content creators.

Now that I'm home, it's time to power through the rest of my Sunday to-do list and mentally prepare for the week ahead. Our daughter's school break is ending and she finally goes back to school on Tuesday. Plus my husband has another work trip coming up... so there's another round of solo-parenting in my near future.

Wish us luck... and keep reading if you want to see what I have planned for dinner at our house this week!

PS. I have some fun things coming up on Instagram by way of brand partnerships... so make sure you're following me over there so you don't miss anything!

A Week of Dinners: March 27 - April 2

What do you have planned for dinner at your house this week?

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