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Has this week been a tough one for anyone else? 🙋 

I was catching up with a friend the other day, and we admitted to each other that we were operating in survival mode. For my part, I've been running the gauntlet toward Thanksgiving Break.

The kids are out early from school today and headed off to a weekend with my parents. I have plans to meet up with friends for dinner and drinks after work, and my husband gets to enjoy a quiet house.

Needless to say, we're all getting what we need to start the holiday week on a strong foot. With any luck, we'll come out the other side refreshed, recharged, and ready to jump back in.

For now, let's all celebrate the arrival of Friday and the start of the weekend. 🙌 If you find yourself with a spare moment, I hope you give this latest edition of Tidbits a read!

  1. November has been a strong month for me in terms of blogging. In fact, this is my sixth blog post this month! ICYMI... I recently shared our Thanksgiving Menu and Meal Prep Timeline and my Holiday Gift Guide. Be sure to check them out!

  2. After a few months of testing in the kids' lunchboxes, I will admit that I'm a fan of these reusable bags.

  3. The kids have renewed their interest in building things with LEGOs, so I signed them both up for this magazine.

  4. Every year, the kids get new holiday pajamas and new slippers for Christmas. This year, a pair of these will be waiting under the tree for each of them.

  5. I have nowhere to wear this dress right now, but I'm obsessed with it. Should I order it?

  6. I spotted this cooler online recently, and now I'm dreaming about planning an ice cream picnic with the kids. How many more months until summer again?

  7. We always wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate the house for Christmas. I think I should order a bunch of these so I'll be ready.


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