2022 Thanksgiving Menu and Meal Prep Timeline

2022 Thanksgiving Menu and Meal Prep Timeline

After our oldest was born, my husband and I decided that we wanted our first Thanksgiving as a family to be at our house. We wanted to celebrate the season of gratitude in our home and start making family memories.

Most of our Thanksgivings since then have been quiet affairs. Just the four of us.

That meant, of course, I had to tackle everything that goes into a Thanksgiving dinner by myself. Planning the menu... Shopping for ingredients and supplies... prepping the food... actually cooking everything... and getting the meal on the table.

After all these years, I have it down to a science. I mean... it helps that I don't alter the meal from year to year. Roast turkey and our favorite sides make an appearance, and my husband is in charge of desserts.

Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, I thought I'd share our Thanksgiving menu for this year along with my process for making sure everything hits the table at the same time.

PS. Despite being pictured above, there won't be Brussels sprouts on our Thanksgiving menu this year. The photo was from Thanksgiving 2015. 😉

2022 Thanksgiving Menu

  • Roast Turkey with Pan Gravy

    I've used this recipe as the inspiration for our Thanksgiving turkey. But rather than melt the butter for brushing onto the turkey, I create an herbed compound butter. Then I spread the compound butter onto the flesh, underneath the skin.

  • Apple Chestnut Stuffing

    Apple Chestnut Stuffing | Taste As You Go

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I dream about this stuffing and start craving it months before Thanksgiving. Whenever I make it, I'm instantly transported back to my childhood and relive memories of making the stuffing with my parents.

    It's all about the fresh chestnuts, which our daughter helps me roast and peel, and the sweet chunks of apples that make this stuffing truly special.

  • Green Bean Casserole

    Green Bean Casserole | Taste As You Go

    A classic recipe.

  • Mashed Sweet Potatoes

    Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows | Taste As You Go

    After making mashed sweet potatoes this way the first time, I knew I'd never make them any other way again. Although they don't need them, I like to top the sweet potatoes with slices of marshmallow, browning them under the broiler right before serving.

  • Orange Maple Cranberry Sauce

    Orange Maple Cranberry Sauce | Taste As You Go

    Even though I'm allergic to cranberries, I make sure to make this fresh cranberry sauce every Thanksgiving because my husband -- and now our kids -- love it.

Thanksgiving Meal Prep Timeline

  • Thursday, November 17
    • Pick up turkey

  • Saturday, November 19
    • Put turkey in refrigerator to thaw

  • Tuesday, November 22
  • Wednesday, November 23
    • Choose serving dishes and utensils
    • Put butter for compound butter on the counter
    • Chop onion and celery for Apple Chestnut Stuffing
    • Peel and chop apples for Apple Chestnut Stuffing
    • Make Orange Maple Cranberry Sauce

  • Thursday, November 24
    • Make compound butter for the turkey
    • Roast turkey
    • Assemble Apple Chestnut Stuffing
    • Assemble Green Bean Casserole
    • Peel and chop sweet potatoes for Mashed Sweet Potatoes
    • While the turkey rests
      • Separate fat and drippings for the pan gravy
      • Bake Apple Chestnut Stuffing
      • Bake Green Bean Casserole
      • Make Mashed Sweet Potatoes
      • Make pan gravy

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