What's for Dinner: March 26 - April 1

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It's been three long weeks with the kids home on their Spring Recess. But the time has finally come for them to go back to school on Tuesday.

And once they do... it's off to the races. The kids' spring term is non-stop. The pace always feels chaotic since it's a busy time of year for my husband and me. 

Spring is definitely one of those seasons that has us saying things like "I just need to make it to Thursday"... or "it'll slow down a bit in a couple of weeks"... or "I can breathe once I get to 2 pm."

This is the perfect reason why menu-planning is crucial for our family. With a plan for meals, I don't have to waste precious time figuring out what to cook.

What the past few weeks have taught me, though, is that I have to figure out how to stretch our food budget a little bit more. The kids' appetites are insane right now, and we haven't been able to rely on leftovers on Wednesday nights. 

I either have to suck it up and plan to cook on Wednesdays... or I have to start doubling meals to have enough to make Leftover Night a possibility.  

Curious to see what made the menu plan this week? Keep reading!

A Week of Dinners: March 26 - April 1

  • Sunday: Spaghetti and Basic Baked Meatballs with Marinara Sauce and Garlic Bread

    Basic Baked Meatballs | Taste As You Go

    I had a batch of meatballs in the freezer, so pulling together tonight's dinner was super easy. All part of the plan since my husband is out of town on an overnight work trip.

    Since I didn't have to worry about making these meatballs from scratch, I had time to make tomorrow's dinner at the same time. 🙌

  • MondayCream-Style Corn Chowder with Oyster Crackers

    Cream-Style Corn Chowder | Taste As You Go

    The kids have to come to the office with me tomorrow, so I wanted to set us up for success once we got home. I'll reheat this soup while we prep everything they need for their first day back to school.

    Super Mom! 💪

  • Tuesday: Ground Turkey Tacos

  • Wednesday: Leftovers

  • Thursday: Stephen's Choice

  • FridayPizza with Eggplant, Grape Tomatoes, and Fresh Mozzarella 

    Pizza with Eggplant, Grape Tomatoes, and Fresh Mozzarella | Taste As You Go

  • Saturday: Dinner Out

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