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Despite my best intentions to publish this in December, here's my latest Tidbits post.

Let's not dwell on the fact that it's "late"... let's celebrate that it's the first one of 2024! 😉 


  1. I started refreshing my wardrobe. To add some color to my sweater collection, I bought this dotted crewneck with puff sleeves. The exact one I bought is sold out, but this one is very similar. 

  2. You can see the sweater on me here.

  3. The kids are also in need of new clothes. (Darn growth spurts!) Our daughter is obsessed with this fleece hoodie dress and wants to wear it on the regular. 

  4. As I clean out our closets and dresser drawers, I fill up one of these bags to recycle the clothes we don't want anymore. 

  5. We've started reading children's literature as a family before the kids go to bed. So far this year, we've read this book, this book, and this book... and we're working on this one now. 

  6. I can understand why this fabric shaver is super popular. After using it on our new sofa, I'm a believer.

  7. That time I collaborated with a brand that reminded me of my childhood.

  8. I finally found a way to wrangle our rolls of wrapping paper. See it in action here.

  9. Our family has a special trip planned, and you can bet I'll be bringing these activity bags with us to help keep the kids entertained.

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