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Our quest to find a new house continues this weekend. While we're out there, I hope you'll give this latest Tidbits post a read!


  1. The kids haven't been terribly excited about their summer math workbooks, so I downloaded this math app to help them keep their skills up. Our daughter, especially, looks forward to her math lessons now.

  2. The plastic hangers in the kids' closets drove me batty because all the clothes kept slipping off them. I bought these non-slip velvet hangers, and everything is much better.

  3. I'm slightly obsessed with this area rug I bought for our breakfast nook. Especially since it complements the one I bought for the living room so well!

  4. I finished this book (and loved it) and have moved on to this book.

  5. Um... Yes, of course, I want to make ice pops that look like bunnies.

  6. Something to consider if you use laundry sheets and pods.   

PS. To be completely honest, I had this post queued up a couple of weeks ago. But then life went off the rails with this house stuff, and I forgot to hit "publish". 🤦🏽

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